We realized that it can be very difficult to come up with a good idea for a hackathon project that matches a beginner skill level. So, we decided to brainstorm a database of ideas that match those criteria and a generator that will pull from it for some inspiration. We developed it with our skill level in mind, and we actually intend on using this generator for some of our future hackathons.

What it does

Our Hackathon Idea Generator is initiated by the easy click of a button, instantly pulling an idea for a hackathon project from our curated database.

How we built it

We built this Idea Generator using Pandas, Random, and Flask within Python, as well as HTML for the UI.

Challenges we ran into

The HTML embed had some initial continuity issues between each of our project files, but we managed to resolve it with some debugging.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud of the easter egg that we snuck into the project, but we won't give away what that is :)

What we learned

We learned how to integrate both Python and HTML, as well as work collaboratively through GitHub in a short timeframe.

What's next for Hackathon Idea Generator

We hope that we can share the Hackathon Idea Generator and help inspire other beginner coders!

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