We had to pivot from our previous hackathon idea of building offline Quizlet for text because we realized that we couldn't test it out since we are Canadians in America and do not have roaming. Because existence was already a pain at this point, we decided to emulate this experience to those who can also sadly relate. Our game is not exactly based off of our experience at PennApps because it was fun <3

What it does

It's basically cookie clicker but built in Java and a parody of hackathons.

How we built it

Using pure Java.

Challenges we ran into

Finding out why the mouse wouldn't work, and our entire project beforehand.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It works.

What we learned

Remember what country you're in.

What's next for Hackathon Hackers

Stats, upgrades, stuff like that.

Built With

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