Real-time Black-Scholes Option Pricing DAPP using the Quorum blockchain

Written by: Weini Chen, Jeremy Longfellow, Mark McAvoy, Yiyao Zhou

Github link:

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Our project:

We modify the MLH: Localhost Marketplace DAPP written on JPMorgan's Quorum Blockchain. We allow the user to buy and sell Black-Scholes call-priced derivatives over the DAPP Marketplace, using Google (GOOGL), Amazon (AMZN), Facebook (FB), Monster (MNST), Biogen Inc (BIIB), and the S&P500 (^GSPC), as the underlying asset. In our we import this Stock data from Yahoo Finance, the call price is calculated using Black-Scholes option pricing and written to a JSON file every 300seconds. This file is to be read in the marketplace reposity when compiled using truffle as the blockchain interperater. To see this you must create and run your own blockchain too! Here's how~

How to start your own Quorum-Blockchain

Dependencies to install (note the second is mac-specific, replace "mac" with "windows" or "linux" if using these OS):

1) Docker: 2) Node.js: 3) Truffle: npm install -g truffle 4) Blockchain: This Repository 5) Note the original Marketplace-Quorum-Blockchain can be found at:

After installing these 4 items, go to terminal, cd to wherever you downloaded this repository, cd into mlh* and run:

docker run -it -p 22000:22000 -p 22001:22001 -p22002:22002 mlhacks/mlh-localhost-quorum-network

This runs a local Quorum node on your computer. Then in a new terminal script run:

truffle compile

truffle migrate --reset

npm run seed

npm start

Congratulations! It should look like the picture above!

Notes when things go wrong~: If you get the error the blockchain isn't running, even though it clearly is, restart it by hitting <ctl c> in terminal twice to abort it, the re-run the docker line. If you still have issues try:

docker container ls

docker rm -f <container-name>

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