Standing in the food queue at BrumHack and remembering how all food at hackathons is just a mad dash for food, it seemed like there was a more civilised way to do it. What if instead you could send text messages to your hackers letting them know that their food was ready.

What it does

It is a CLI tool that provides a series of commands for generating YAML about your hackathon and your attendees, send them information about meals and group them for sending personalised messages

How I built it

Using nodeJS

Challenges I ran into

None, I'm awesome

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It's my first headless hack

What I learned

How to be creative

What's next for HackaServe

Hackathons aren't about trying to create the next startup, whatever is next is next and this what I hate about stupid devpost, it's moronic desire to generate a startup out of every idea. This idea is just a cool simple tool, isn't that enough for you parasites??

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