The inspiration came from home automation videos, when the next step was to package it in a web application. The concept was thought midst of working on the hackathon project. The idea was just as simple as to try out serial communication to a hardware through website. Which then evolved into a home automation system as we have been doing hardware automation already.

What it does

The app talks to the arduino which will be later replaced by a micro-controller. This connection will be responsible for managing the home or office electrical appliances.

How I built it

The app was divided into three parts Client, Server and Hardware. The Client part was done by Paul and the rest was worked on by me. The server and hardware was created first and then the client architecture was decided.

Challenges I ran into

Server communication to the client, As we were trying our hands on Meteor for the first time, it took a while. Some serial port libraries did not work.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

New learning in terms of website and web app creation. Getting the hardware accessible via the internet. Learning Meteor and will definitely use it extensively.

What I learned

1) Javascript scripting, 2) Serial communication via internet, 3) Templating, 4) Server and Client communication 5) Teamwork

What's next for hackarduino

1) Home security management 2) Data analysis 3) Auto electricity management 4) Forming a community to gather peoples thoughts 5) Developer community for developing this app.

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