The Cupertino City Toolkit suite consists of an app and website that aims to improve safety and provide crucial information about the city of Cupertino. The website started out on Wix as a rough plan to guide us in the conversion to a purely HTML coded website. The aim of the website is to provide a summary of crime rates, traffic information, current events, and a forum in which members of the community can interact. This website is also linked to the Cupertino City Toolkit Android app that was developed with Java in Android Studio. This toolkit app acts a hub to link you to a variety of websites that provides vital information about crime in your area, events in Cupertino, and the Cupertino City Toolkit website in order for our end user to contribute to our forum and experience a full power user experience. In addition, there's a redirect to Google Maps which is set to school so that the user can get the safest and fastest route to their desired location. The Cupertino City suite provides a platform with which residents of Cupertino can be connected in an effort to develop a safer and a further cohesive community.

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