For this project, we wanted people to play together, have a fun time, and most importantly make memorable moments. We think that adding an RFID scanner will make our game more fun. We believe that the extra physical touch in our game adds a lot to the experience

What it does

This project is a simple fighting game whose main pull is the characters you can bring in to play as, or more specifically: how you choose those characters. With a simple NFC tag, a player can select their character with just a scan of their tag! At the moment, we've implemented five different characters, but this sort of project lends itself well to further development and improvement.

How I built it

We built the game aspect of this project in Unity with C#. We also had a hardware component where we used and Arduino and an RFID scanner to scan a player's NFC tag.

Challenges I ran into

Our biggest challenge was the fact that we couldn't find a way to use have Unity listen to the Arduino without pausing. In the future, this would be something we would spend more time in looking for a way to bypass this problem.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We're proud of how much we were able to get done in this short 36 hours. Something we're especially proud of is how well we got we RFID scanner system to work.

What I learned

We learned a lot about the integration of Unity and Arduino in this project.

What's next for Hackermons

Some logical next steps include basic gameplay stuff like more maps. One big place we can expand in is programming more characters for the tags. Possibly even a system which allows any tag, even if it's not hard-coded into our system, to be scanned in as a character.

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