We first know from the API expo that Microsoft offers a cool API which can do facial recognition, and this inspires us to make an app related to facial recognition.

What it does

The user can first put a picture of a person into the app and partially cut the picture, and then challenges friends to guess what the person's emotion is. People can make guesses by imitating the emotion and take selfies to send into the app. The app can then judge how similar the imitation is to the original person's emotion.

How we built it

We used the Swift language to build the iOS Application.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into challenge when we are trying to use the microsoft API, because this is the first time that we use an API and we are not familiar with the syntax.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have successfully made use of the Microsoft API and embedded it into our app to make a fun game.

What we learned

The most important thing that we learned from this project is that we learned how to pick up some new technology very quickly. This requires doing search on the internet and also asking professionals.

What's next for Hackaface

We can embed this feature into facebook. Our expectation of the next Hackaface would be that, user can take a picture in this app, cut it, and then post it to facebook. Then friends can post their imitations/guess pictures in the comment section, and then, upon request of the app user, the app can extract all the photos from the comment section of that post and do all the comparisons it used to do in Hackaface I. Then it automatically post the score board to facebook on behalf of the app user, such that more friends can enjoy this game process. This can make use of Facebook to make this game more interactive, and also friends can play this game remotely.

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