Our drive is to create a hardware system from scratches in 24h and code it as well


We've made a Drone with independent components, bought by ebay. We had to modify them to make them fit as they weren't supposed to be placed together. We used an Android interface in order to connect a Smartphone with our Drone via Bluetooth. Data on our Drone is received through Arduino which mission connect Android with Drone. It uses accelerometer sensor aswell to stabilizate the Drone.

How it works

Through an Android interface communicates to an Arduino system via Bluetooth.

Challenges I ran into

Communication problems between PC and Arduino via Bluetooth and Leapmotion problems on LInux.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our drone flyes in a stable way and we have accomplished our goal of creating it from zero.

What I learned

Creating a connection via Bluetooth and use Leapmotion. Creating a hardware in a limited time. Creating a flying device.

What's next for Hackadrone

Fully multiplatform integration (Windows, Linux, Android, LeapMotion) and add a nerd gun.(Joke!)

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