Have you ever been stuck on a homework question in the middle of the night with no one to help you? Hackademy gives you 24 access to real professors online that specialize in many different subjects.

What it does

Hackademy allows you to study, do homework, or even get ahead with our dedicated team of expert professors. Professors will go through a screening and application process before becoming a member. They will then be able to set their availability and begin chatting with students. Students will be able to request help from professors by subject. Professors can respond to students via text, video, and even send documents!

How I built it

We coded the front-end from scratch using the Bootstrap framework. We then attempted to created the back-end with PHP and mySQL.

Challenges I ran into

Tons of issues with the back-end. We were having issues connecting to the server and the PHP code wasn't cooperating with our existing code.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We have a fully functional, aesthetically pleasing website that could be very useful to students around the world.

What I learned

Don't wait to start on the back-end! Start planning and working early as soon as you get an idea in mind. It's always easier to alter some existing code rather than coding a whole website from scratch.

What's next for Hackademy

Additional communication options between students and professors.

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