We meet less than 5% of the hundreds of people who go to hackathons. It means we're missing out on the other 90% of amazing people out there, who likely have similar interests and passions as you.

What it does

Hackadate sets you up with a blind date based on your conversation with her, and sets you up with someone with similar interests. If you don't feel you've met your soulmate, come back and and get set up with another date!

How we built it

Using Google Assistant, Node.js, Twilio

Challenges we ran into

Unable to connect the Google Home Mini and set it up, because the NwHacks Wifi Network is dual band, causing devices to not be able to detect the Google Mini. Sending a text through Twilio. Getting a working HTTP request. Working with SQLite

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Connecting the Google Home Mini and setting it up through Wifi Hotspot. Getting a working HTTP request.

What we learned

The Google Assistant is really fun to use!

What's next for HackaDate

Asking questions that vary between users-- follow up questions.

Built With

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