What it does

Simpler Socan is a multi-platform solution that should help the Socan organisation to redistribute more easily the revenue generated by any live musical representation between the differents artists and contributors.

The web application is meant to be a very simple gateway to help and encourage venues operators to send useful information to Socan. For this reason, the very tedious "tax declaration" is replaced by a simple and user friendly form. Most of the informations are auto-completed because all details about the venue and the artist are already stored in a database so the operator has less to fill in.

To encourage venues operators to send these informations, we developed a mobile application intended for the public which serves to list every live prestation near the user. The point is to give a better visibility to the evenements taking place in venues that correctly return information to Socan.

How we built it

The web application is actually just a non-functional mockup form to show what it should look like, we built it in HTML and CSS and also used Bootstrap.

The mobile app is build in Nativescript and is also a mockup showing how users could navigate trough the application to find live representations near their location.

Challenges we ran into

The main challenge was to figure out who we were going to solicit to get all these informations. We quickly found the answer by asking ourselves who get these, it was obviously the venues operators. After that, the main challenge was to find out how to encourage them to effectively send the correct informations.

Built With

  • html5-css3-nativescript
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