On Tuesday, it is one of our friend's birthdays and we haven't been able to decide what to do, as everyone is indecisive. We found that this was a recurring problem when any event came up.

Our app suggests ideas for birthdays, featuring crazy and sometimes silly options in four categories to deliver a randomised funny, quirky and out of the box solution to the above problem.

We wanted to make the app as fun and crazy as possible so we decided to implement a response to the event, if the event actually takes place, from the point of view of a famous person or someone we knew very well. This took the shape of memes, some of which are very popular off the internet, and some, we created using photos that were taken at the hackathon itself., and will be used to humiliate fellow course mates during the presentation.

This is a fun and entertaining app; we highly advise you against using the ideas for serious purposes, although it is a free world...

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