Sad.X is an alternative monetization strategy for video games. Instead of hosting ads, requiring payments, or freemium, gamers pay with their extra processing power while they play the game.

Our approach to this is to break the NP-Hard problem 3-SAT into chunks and distribute those chunks to the players. When the CPU usage goes too high, the computation overhead decreases to avoid affecting gameplay. Players solve chunks and then continue requesting chunks to solve until the problem is solved.

This app has a lot of potential to help solve problems in fast growing industries, including cryptocurrency mining, genetic processing, and other NP Hard problems.

For example, millennials care much more about protecting their data in this day and age, especially in the wake of events such as Facebook's Cambridge Analytica scandal. Consequently, highly targeted ads are seen as breaches upon the privacy of millenials. Couple that with the fact that adblockers are only on the rise and you obtain a glum view of the future of ads. Consequently, companies must seek an alternative form of monetization. A simple library that only involves several lines of code in software on their part can help companies generate revenue through crypto mining. To ensure users' right are not encroached, companies must ask their users for their consent to mine on their computers; if they refuse, they can be taken to the traditional ad experience. This could be especially pertinent to the gaming industry, where indie developers often struggle yet the users often have very powerful gaming computers and also wish to support their favorite developers.

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