The problem arised after having heard numerous pains and concerns of shoppers across the greater Toronto area. It was revalidated with interviews here in Hamilton during the weekend.

Shopping is as much of a pain as it is an activity. However crowds, the vastness of malls and the overwhelming number of choices of products can often stress a shopper out. We decided to build ShopperMapper to assist these shoppers by optimizing their shopping routes based on their shopping list in order to give them the best experiences.

What it does

Indoor mapping of malls and route optimization based on shopping lists and shopping preferences.

How I built it

Built with the intricate libraries of Python (e.g. flask, records, pathlib)

Challenges I ran into

Even though the idea was very clear, we are not very profecient in the coding languages required to execute it in the most efficient manner. We had to use the harder path many times.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Perservered through and created a product that actually works.

What I learned

What's next for hack_the_hammer

To expand to real malls.

Built With

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