What do people think of when they think of Texas Department of Public Safety?

Trustworthiness, security, action, protection...

However, these qualities are not-so-well-represented in the current website of TxDPS. The homepage is crammed with redundant links that are disorganized. Most of the helpful information is hidden throughout the website. Resources are scattered all over the places.

In order to give Texans a more enjoyable experience when navigating through the vast resources that the DPS has to offer, we set out to create a more user-friendly version of the DPS website. During the past 36 hours, we redesigned the layout of the homepage, distributed the links based on logical categorization, and rearranged some of the web resources.

This may serve as the first step to a full-blown site of the Texas DPS, which would be a great improvement to the daily life of all Texas residents.

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