The electric vehicles market is growing at a very fast rate. It is clear that the future is electric vehicles. Currently, there are a lot of problems associated with the charging infrastructure of electric vehicles. People have to wait for a lot of time at the charging stations due to long queues. People having idle charging ports in their houses are not able to get any benefit out of it.

What it does

It helps you in finding the number of idle charging ports at a particular charging station along with the number of cars in the queue at that station. It also allows you to pre-book a charging slot from the comfort of your home through our payment gateway. It also allows you to purchase the prime membership through which you will get priority charging at every charging station.

How we built it

The main focus was on integrating the different API's into my website. After integrating all the APIs, I worked on the frontend part of the website. and made the website easy to use and user-friendly.

Challenges we ran into

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we learned

What's next for Hack_EV

Implementing the concept of 'Co-sharing' through blockchain.

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