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We are passionate about the environment and want to simplify the process of making sustainable choices in our day to day lives. One way to be environmentally conscious is to be mindful about when we buy produce! Purchasing fruits and vegetables seasonally encourages an eco-friendly way of grocery shopping by reducing C02 emissions caused by transportation, supporting local farmers and businesses, and inspiring healthier eating habits. Our project prompts the user to input their groceries for the day, and subsequently presents a message if any of the items bought are out of season. This initiative also has an aim to provide alternative options for produce that may not be the most economically viable.

Some initial challenges we faced while building this included figuring out the best techniques and software for creating an efficient service. We experimented with frontend and backend systems using Flask, and JavaScript proved to be the most effective way for us to accomplish our goal. When we attempted to use Flask, we encountered some troubles with Postman, and using get and post methods. Through this, we learned about python packages and how frontend and backend systems communicate, learned our first framework, and received a crash course in git. This was the first hackathon for all of our team members, and overall a great experience!

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