Coming into HackGT we did not have a team and the team matching through HackGT did not work out for us. For this reason we decided to create a tool that would help other hackers find teammates that are a match for them and the projects that they would like to build. We decided to create this using a rails app. The app includes a form for users to fill out with information about themselves as well as about team members that they are looking for. We were hoping to compare this data with that given by other users to create teams; however, we did not have the chance to implement this feature. We ran into another challenge trying to implement JavaScript, which didn't work out in the end. Instead we focused on creating a nice form that collects user data and displays it in a table, for comparison with other users.
This app taught us a lot and allowed us to better our coding skills, using languages that we don't interact with very often such as HTML and CSS. Although we were not able to complete the design we had in mind, we are happy with the way the code that we have looks and performs. We would like to continue to work on this application in the future to further our knowledge of Ruby on Rails and to hopefully implement our original ideas.

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