Our team is full of Latin American young people who recognize the lack of awareness or Climate Action in Latin America. We have no recycling culture nor many people are aware of the damage our daily lives habit can pose to environment. We have combined our skills in order to develop a small game that help tackle these issues.

What it does

The Game called “Planer Saver” follows little Gafanhoto who is tasked with saving the world. Gafanhoto must complete a series of mini games that consists of task like recycling or helping put fire out of trees in the rainforest. The purpose of this game is to make Climate Action fun and interactive regardless of any prior involvement or knowledge about Climate Change. As the player earns more points they gain new tags that display how much they’ve helped Gafanhoto’s world. The game also includes a link to a website in which the player can donate or find more information about NGOs (fictional for now) that tackle Climate Change and how they can help, plus a little more insight on the team of developers.

How We built it

We used Gamemaker Studio 2 with a coding language of GML. For the website we used With the use of GML we had to design rooms & objects with their respect sprites and code how they interacted with each other.

Challenges We ran into

The first challenge was that we decided to create a game for this project and just one member had prior experience in this discipline. To implement our idea we had to learn the basics of this new programming language and ran into many issues that were a byproduct of our inexperience.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Being able to work with such a diverse talented individuals. I am proud that for our first hackaton altogether, we were able to connect and work towards our goal.

I am proud that I can contribute to Climate Action, as I am someone that strongly identifies with the cause, inputting my little contribution makes me really proud.

I am also proud to have learned new technical skills which was my main goal from the beginning.

What I learned

I learned how to use a new software and how to adapt my prior coding knowledge into a new platform to create games.

I also learned how to build a website and work with API’s & webhooks from the workshops.

I believe further developed leadership skills working with a wonderful team and I am grateful for this experience.

What's next for Hack4Nature

Our group is formed by three SAP interns and one SFU student, I hope that I can work with them in future projects and stay in touch with them. In these 48 hours I have learned so much from them and created a strong bond that I will cherish.

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