As we become adults, we need to be more responsible in managing our finances. As a user of financial trackers such as Quicken and Mint myself, I find their lack of customizability and analytical tools discouraging. Therefore, we set out to build a personal financial tracker that can better serve our needs.

What it does

Each user can log in with their own credentials, access and modify their transactions records (composed of date, amount, account, payee, category, and memo), filter through their records by date range and category, view a pie chart of their areas of spending, and check the current balance in their accounts. The web app is compatible for both laptops and tablets.

How we built it

We started designing the UI in Adobe XD. We then built the components of the page using Vue.js, HTML, and CSS. We also utilized Firebase as our database.

Challenges we ran into

Being able to reactively update the records based on the database and sort the data based on user inputs was a huge challenge. Visualizing the data using interactive charts was also very difficult to accomplish. And, above all, there were always millions of bugs that we had to fix :D

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The first web app that we have created! It has a really nice-looking UI and responsive interactions. It was our first time to utilize a database too!

What we learned

A lot... How to use Vue.js and Firebase etc.

What's next for ONE

Mobile version is coming out soon! Sub-categories are also under development.

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