Our inspiration comes from this HackFSU and a conversation that we had with Diva today. We are all relatively new to the Hackathon community and we realize how important it is to have things like Hack Competition and just general interest in learning new skills that is in all facets of our lives today.

What it does

This application is supposed to use the other users on the service who want to study a specific language to get together with other users and getting a little more knowledgeable about something new. It is supposed to help people get ready for the next future Hackathons' and never have to study alone for it. Hopefully, it can even get new people interested in grouping up!

How we built it

Our though process going into the application was to create something very technical with tons of information and really advanced geolocating features to make it more easier for people to find each other and learn more through the service, but then we decided to make it more a social media and study based application. We built the application in Ionic Framework with Angular.js. There was also a lot of use of HTML and CSS on the overall build of the project.

Challenges we ran into

There were multiple issues from the beginning that really hindered progress, but one of the biggest ones had to be changing midway the competition from React/React Native to Angular/Ionic.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We were able to change ideas a little past halfway mark as well because we found out that another team had appropriated our idea for theirs. It was definitely a bit disheartening, but we pushed through and changed our idea to something a little bit different, but still with much of the same concepts.

What we learned

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