Not everyone can attend all the houses during Miami Hack Week maybe you are hacking, attending events, or working or day job. We bring the Miami Hack Experience to you. Now everyone can experience miami hack week and send to family and friends.

What it does

Mint a free NFT on polygon. This will unlock decentralized unlockables which are access to 360 VR tours of all the MHW houses!

How we built it

Thirdweb tools and darkblocks

Challenges we ran into

We had trouble finding all of the houses – had to network and talk to everyone to find and get to all the houses. Next, we struggled with using some tools to make the NFT mint free, so users do not need to buy matic or worry about paying for anything.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting off local host! We also have over 50 users and growing at a rapid pace. We had never used the thirdwweb tools and were excited to jump right in and build.

What we learned

Using Thirdweb and DarkBlock and shipping a website

What's next for Hack Week 360

More conferences and more experiences for people to feel all the vibes of MHW without being here. Make hackweek 360 a staple at every hackweek around the nation. We also want to geotag different hack house locations so when people step inside they are pinged with an NFT collectible that will unlock merch at houses

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