General-E, A Responsible Voter's Bestfriend

As a team of two 18-year-olds and two 20-year-olds, we are all still quite enamored with our newfound right to vote. This and the continually improving efficiency of voter registration made it so the three eligible voters out of us are registered to vote. However, we realized that none of us were aware of who our candidates were and what their positions on certain key issues were. To find this information would have been a lot more searching than many of our generation would be willing to do, considering any information we want is at the tip of our fingers.

This issues caused us to start thinking about possible solutions. Eventually, we came up with our idea: General-E, A Responsible Voter's Bestfriend. General-E is an interactive web application that easily informs voters about their candidates with a clean UI/UX. By simply inputting an address or clicking on a location on our interactive map, users can find their governor and Senate candidates along with their positions on certain issues. In the future, we plan on implementing House of Representative candidates and their positions along with a cleaner UI for the popup modal. Overall, by learning of their candidates' names and positions, voters can be confident that they are being responsible and informed voters in addition to responsible citizens.

We broke this project into four distinct pieces: UI, UX/blending various APIs and linking frontend and backend, data scraping/backend server creation, and database creation and handling.

UI - Gabe:

UX (blending APIs and frontend/backend) - Rakha:

Data scraping/backend - Naveen:

Database creation and handling - William:

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