Have you ever taken a photo where your friend has a radiant smile put on, yet you look like you’ve just been told that the moon landing really was fake? And then they had the audacity to post it on social media?

What it does

Introducing: SmileSnap! We’ve created a program that takes photos when you smile and only when you smile. If you’re looking to take a group photo, we’ve got you covered too—we’ll only take a photo when every subject is smiling. We think that in trying times like these ones, we’ve got to cherish and remember the moments that are worth remembering—what better way to do that than by cataloguing happiness where we’re able to look our best! This tool can especially be useful for larger companies or even agencies who struggle to take large group photos where everyone is looking at the camera; the potential applications and extensions are limitless.

How we built it

We knew that as a team of high school students, our experience would be limited, but we didn’t want to limit ourselves on our technical skills. Knowing that nothing is original in the world of code, we found the smile detection software in a GitHub repository and optimized it using OpenCV, a tool that we learned to implement within a day.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was our first time creating an OpenCV model! We decided to challenge ourselves by making something we had never built and working with a language we weren't familiar with. We are proud that despite our lack of experience, we were able to overcome challenges and pull through with a project we can call our own.

What we learned

So much! Through Hack the North 2020++, we were able to improve not only our technical skills but also our problem-solving and teamwork. We learned to communicate more effectively in a virtual environment and find ways to collaborate to overcome design changes.

What's next for SmileSnap!

SmileSnap has limitless potential as an important tool in workplaces or large groups of people. After this hackathon, we hope to develop its UI and implement the program through an app or website. We are excited to see where this project will take us.

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