What inspired us

As a result of COVID-19, many people are finding it extremely challenging to exercise or stay healthy. With gyms closed and contact with others limited, it can be very demoralizing to find the energy to workout by yourself.

What our project does is helps to connect friends looking to stay healthy remotely, by providing a social-media like interface. Members can workout together over videocall (using the Vonage Video API), to simulate the experience of going to the gym with friends as closely as possible. Our "Motivation button" allows users to createively motivate their friends and have fun working out. Additionally, members can compare workout times and reps for specific exercises on the Leaderboard.

Building the Project

Our project was built using a pure HTML/JavaScript layout to reduce overhead brought by other frameworks. For our Video Calling, we implemented the Vonage Video API to seemlessly connect users across the country.

Issues we Faced

Initially conceived as a React-Native app, our project has transformed into a website based on time and technology constraints of our team. Similar to the problems that inspired the app, the limitations brought by the pandemic also hindered the production of the project.

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