When having difficulties coming up an idea for the the Hackathon, we thought "Why not make the hackathon our idea?"

What it does

The game is written in C++ and built off Ubisofts Hackers nest API and SFML multimedia library. It is a fun 2D RPG where the player acts a hackathon participant at Hack the North 2018 and can participate in activities such as working on their hackathon project, sleeping, eating, and talking to sponsors for cool swag.


The Hackers nest API was something new to us, therefore we needed to spend some time understanding the source code and making sense of the documentation. In addition, due to time constraints it was very difficult to add many of the features we had hoped in the beginning. However, we were able to all get a sense of how the game engine worked at the end and were able to implement the basics of the game so that it is playable.

Built With

  • c++
  • sfml
  • ubisoft-nest-api
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