All four of us are music enthusiasts. Having each played musical instruments throughout our lives, we understand the struggle of wanted to play a piece of music that hear but can't find the sheet music for. Hence, hack the music!!! With this web app you can log in and translate your audio into sheet music within seconds!! In the past we have sent our recordings to our friends and they also wanted to learn how to play the song. Using our application it is easier for users to play a song after listening to a recording.

What it does

Given a monophonic audio file (.mp3), the web app will transform it into sheet music that you can read

How we built it

With the use of React.JS for the frontend, Google firebase for user information, and REST APIs, we were able to build the web app.

Challenges we ran into

Even with the APIs, we were not able to get clean conversion to create the sheet music, and therefore had to create functions with lots of trial and error to derive the correct notes, timing and tempo for the sheet music to display the melody as accurate as possible to the given track.

Incorporating user information also proved as a challenge, especially with the use of only a frontend framework.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're very proud that we were able to play a piece of music on the piano and see it transcribed directly into the correct sheet music!

What we learned

We learnt how to set up Firebase Authentication for a project to allow google sign-in, the ins-and-outs of serving a REST API to do exactly what we want and a little music theory too!

What's next for Hack the Music

We would like to add more user interaction and information, such as user history of all the sheet music generated etc. Another improvement would be to actually make it a fullstack web application for more functionality

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