• It is difficult for people to keep distance with people around them in daily life
  • People can not know if the location is crowd before they come
  • What

  • Social Distancing is a website help user to stay safe during this challenging time by:
  • Track people, you exposed to
  • Provide services to report your health status
  • Track location you intend to go to to see if it safe
  • How

  • We track the location of the user in our website and measure the distance between users
  • We measure the number of people in an area that user choose to alert about the crowd status
  • Challenges I ran into

  • This is our second hackathon and the first time to use Google Map API so we encountered some difficulties of lacking skills at some points
  • Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Our Project are fully functional
  • What's next for Hack The Map

  • We target to publish mobile-friendly shortly so that people can have better UI on phone
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