Hack the Arena Task: Engage fans, and see inside groups, needs an increased digital engagement, including voluntary downloads of the app and profile building. Need data to up sell Sponsors, get new ones, charge more, and more fully build out BI - as well as improve FAN experience.

What it does

Tells people (especially Women) which restroom lines are shortest, and does so via real time displays of sensor driven restroom status. Additional features, such as notification, can be added.

For The Magic, Solar Bears, and other Venue guests, provides the ability to "capture eyeballs" and send engaging intelligent advertisements, targeted to customers based on profile and time of day, and promoting select sponsors, including Uber and Lyft while building BI DB, and providing a compelling biological reason to download the app for everyone.

How I built it

Affordable POC built with off the shelf parts, and conduit processes, in my quick and dirty I used IFTT (conduit), Littlebits (sensor, wifi), Google Drive (storage, display, web, and Google Ad words, Analytics) ;

Build out and Refinements are easy - and depend only on existing ad tech & Api to Orlando Magic, Solar Bears, Amway Arena Apps, as the Wifi quality in the new Amway Center is fast enough to provide real time.

Challenges I ran into

Need to Pivot from just restroom status, to add injectable ad platform inside App - Women view this as a major issue, developer Males less so ...

Development steps are straight forward as I have design similar systems for years with RFID, other means - what is new is how affordable it can be built.

End user excitement is Epic

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Listened to customers, pivot, Built out idea to execution, found code, etc solo in less than 2 hours. Physically installing system will take longer than development.

What I learned

Everyone loved the idea ... can't wait to have it included.

Build quality BI inside the Venue, and you can put in Advertisements based on user profile, and time of bathroom visit.

Women want and expect busy events to have Men's bathrooms flipped for their use.

Could build this as a freestanding feature apart from the App.

What's next for Hack the Arena - Engage Fans

Provide consulting and guidance to help build system for Amway Center, and to Apps for Orlando Magic, & Solar Bears

Business and Technical References Include:

The Pitch Notes

Designed and Researched by Scott Clous & team.

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