What is it?

Hack The Hunt is a Social Engineering game where individuals are rewarded for expanding the player base, collaborating with teammates, and deceiving opposing team members.


  • The idea of creating something with viral potential
  • The seemingly unused QR system which the Hack The North team had given us on our lanyards
  • Creating a game for a specific event and situation

What we're proud of

  • Reverse engineering the HTN API for login and user information
  • Having complex interactions while keeping the UI simple and beautiful
  • Creating an awesome, collaborative game where people are driven to make new friends
  • 3/4 of us learnt meteor on the job. That was pretty intense.
  • Finishing 8 hours early so that we could run around doing sales

Challenges we ran into

  • Working with CORS
  • Finding a good QR reader library which worked on iOS and Android web browsers
  • Managing the DB
  • Explaining the concept
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