Inspiration #idea

Challenges I ran into

So my idea is based on as we know in this crisis when the Gov. has announced lockdown but the people are coming out and breaking the law, as well as due to lockdown thousands of labour are scared and running to there home is creating very big problem and most probably calling for Corona virus disease, Hence we can assume that more often all are doing this because of hunger and foods. So currently we are actually facing five problems

A. Covid-19

B. Fear due to sudden complete lockdown

C. Hunger, control of corona(spraying device, disinfectant, medicines)

What it does

So actually if we solved C. HUNGER Part, it will solve B.Fear of death& this will lead to win against COVID-19. So now the imp. part is, all what we need to do, is to full subsidise Aata rice oil & vegetables, all shopkeeper can take them& distribute to every person in certain amount.So no one will be hungry hence we will overcomes to. C 》 B》A

Many important points will be explained further, Such as - using disinfectant, how to spray, where and when to use, using medicines, controlling crowd and crowded areas, how to distribute the ration and by whom l, and to whom etc.

How I built it-

Spraying device/ Unit will be made for public and vehicles sanitation.

Let me introduce you a Unit or Setup which will be very much useful to prevent Corona Viruses In which we can prevent the spread of corona virus by just spraying our Disinfectant (probably we can use Dettol liquid + Water ratio =1litre+20litre ) Can be implement on the entry gates of Boarders, shops railway and bus stations, it will help to kill and prevent virus without using much man power. The whole setup is very cheap might be cost from Rs-3000-6000 /- per setup In this setup we dont need electricity so it can easily introduce to any place of India.. In this machine people will be passing one by one slowly through our setup same like automatic car washing deck & the spray will be done, On each person may be only 100 to 200ml Disinfectant/sanitizer will be used . The tank can be used of 80 to 100 litre or more for bus or railway stations Hence many peoples can be sanitized in less time and effectively. We are only lacking with budget

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It will help to save many lifes

Built With

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