We were looking for inspiration and someone said "do something a CEO can use". We decided to create a fintech app, using CapitalOne and BlackRock APIs to generate the best three options to invest, looking at different ratios and returns (peRatio, pbRatio, returnonEquity, returns from year 1 and year 5). Furthermore, we wanted to make it more useful, so, we had the idea to implement this project for projects with disabilities.

What it does

Using American Sign Language, you can ask Alexa to do different tasks for you: get your account balance, make payments for you, generate the first three best investment options and interact with Alexa during executing those tasks.

How we built it

  1. Leap-Motion: we created a machine learning program, which "reads" the signs and generate a string, which is sent to Alexa
  2. CapitalOne: we used their API to access a set of accounts, in order to make a payments and to generate the balance for the user's account
  3. Alladin: we used their API to access different investment portfolio and through an econometrics model, it returns your best three options for investment
  4. Alexa: we integrate everything as an Alexa's skill

Challenges we ran into

We had some problems Amazon Web Services and we had to get use with their platform, in order to learn how to program Alexa. Furthermore, AWS Lambda did not work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learnt node.js! Furthermore, one of our team member was at his first Hackathon and another one is with a non-programming background, so, we are proud of the whole program!

What's next for Hack the Accessibility

Develop the program, add more financial features and signs.

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