See GitHub projects related to ones you already enjoy, zero-fuss!

GitStub is a Chrome extension that uses the GitHub API to create a list of recommendations of repositories related to the one being browsed by the user. Results are displayed alongside the current repo, or in addition to a specific user profile, providing a seamless experience that helps you jump off into cool projects relevant to your interests.

Animation of GitStub in action

Created over 36 hours in October 2016 for HackRice by Josiah Coad, Jay Khatri, and James Gerity.


Chrome Web Store

Visit us on the Web Store for easiest installation of the latest release.

Development version

  • git clone
  • Browse to chrome://extensions, enable development mode, and browse to the unpacked extension


  • Create a new GitHub personal access token (no additional permissions needed - you can leave those checkboxes alone!)
  • Enter your token in the extension settings
  • Visit a GitHub repo or user profile and enjoy!
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