I've always loved games. If I can't play it, I'll watch a streamer play it. I especially enjoy the thrill behind horror games, whether they be run-away ones or puzzle ones. That's why I decided to build a horror game, albeit a cuter one (come on, my zombies are adorable).

What it does

My project is a game called Totem Frenzy. You play as a cute little girl who runs around trying to find small white totems to rack up points before you meet your eventual end by cute AI zombies. The catch? The camera view is somewhat static, so you have to be careful where you position yourself, otherwise you won't be able to see your character and navigate around the feisty little enemies.

How I built it

I used Unity3D (free version) and Visual Studio to program the game. I used a lot of the tutorials for shooters on Unity's website, but I had to modify nearly all the code to match the premise I had. I also used a bunch of free assets (from Unity's asset store), royalty-free music and images to program the game.

Challenges I ran into

I ran into a lot of challenges while programming the game. I initially wanted it to be a shooter game, but because of the way my assets worked and because of my lack of experience with working with Unity, I wasn't able to make the character attack enemies. Instead, I modified my game design to make it more of a run-away-points-based game. I also had HUGE issues trying to program the totems in -- for some reason, they wouldn't spawn one-by-one or wouldn't spawn in random locations or wouldn't be "pick-up-able" by the character or just wouldn't appear at all. Luckily I was able to re-code the character itself to pick up the items instead of having a separate spawn manager script.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

I am reaaaaaaaaaaally proud of the totem pick up system. It took me a long time to develop it, even though it's a simple concept, so I am happy it worked out in the end. I'm also happy with the AI navigation of the zombie-enemies. I think it adds some "spice" to a simple game like mine.

What I learned

I learned a lot about functionality in Unity and I also learned a lot about C#.


As I said previously I used a lot of assets and royalty free media. I want to credit them here:

Assets Available on Unity:

  • Campfire Pack assets by DreamDev Studios
  • Chibi Mummy assets by Ricochet
  • Hana Pixel Font by Mystery Corgi
  • Free Night Sky asset by Qianyuez
  • SD Martial Arts Girl Xia-Chan asset by Masatomo
  • Hand Painted Nature Kit LITE assets by Skythian Cat

Images Used:

  • Abstract Heart Clipart Image #1 by Website Link
  • Grunge Pattern Background by

Sound Effects and Music Used:

  • Blow1 by RPGMakerLite
  • Long Female Gasp Sound Effect by akak yizzle Youtube Link
  • Deep Under Music by Whitesand Youtube Link
  • Ancient Ecology Music by Stephen Mullaney-Westwood Youtube Link

What's next for Hack Project : Totem Frenzy

Hmmm...I don't quite know. I'm hoping to improve on it both in appearance, performance times, and maybe in the actions characters can take (i.e. finally attacking the cute zombies). At the very least, this was a great learning experience for me that will definitely help me in the future with game programming.

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posted an update

Though this update is a little late, I did win the Best Feature award for the HackProject for my little game! I'm proud of this award and will use it as motivation to further my programming interests!

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