As the interview season looms up, students struggle to practice solving coding challenges. It's difficult to have the motivation and discipline to continuously solve these problems alone, that's why we created Hack Pack, a free online training platform, where friends can solve problems together.

It's a fun and addictive way to solve problems. The experience is completely gamified, users earn points, complete quests, and compete with others!

What it does

Hack Pack is an online training platform where friends can compete and solve questions together. One session consists of a few rounds in which users have to solve a problem. The problem can be filtered by difficulty, topic, and even company! That's right, we have questions that Google, Facebook, and many other companies ask in their technical interviews.

At the end of every round, the user with the most points is crowned the winner!

How we built it

Hack Pack is built using Flask, React, and DynamoDB!

Challenges we ran into

Operating on low amounts of sleep, and since Python is not a statically type checking, we didn't have the helper of the compiler to spot silly mistakes.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A fully functional code editor in which users can type code in over 10 languages! Over 1000 problems to choose from! Questions from Google, Facebook, Bloomberg, and many more companies!

What we learned

Coding without discipline is a silly thing. We should've planned what languages would be best for our program, and how we would split up the workload properly!

What's next for Hack Pack

Get all of SBU Hacks 2019 into Google, Facebook, Amazon, Apple, Softheon, or one of our sponsor companies!

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