Repository for HackOxford 2018 In too Deep / In2Deep

What do we need:

  • Data: Either survey or generated (has to be realistic)

  • Read data and parse it: AWS Machine Learning

  • Database it and be able to fetch: We need closed categories where possible

Cool features:

  • Study buddy (If their background is similar / General interests: Twitter? --- Are they a real person? Compare Tweets for interests )

  • Give funny advice so person is not sad (Funny mode?)

  • Create graphs of whole distribution and being able to look at them (fetch ...)

  • Have direct links to resources (book on Amazon, video on YouTube, course on EdX, Coursera, etc) and generate statistics for the usablity of each for future users (as recommendations)

  • Measure how useful Notes/Recommended books were versus videos, online courses and blog posts in order to help educators restructure course material and make it more interactive.

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