Most of the time we found ourselves needing a single source for all COVID-19 related updated especially in our locality. That's why we came up with this app.

What it does

The app provides all the important information and updates about COVID-19 from verified personnel like the WHO, State and Central Government, Municipal Officers and the Local Heads. This information is displayed as Cards to the user based on the Locality of the user as it helps the user get all relevant information about his neighborhood.

The app also provides a feature to easily track potentially infected people by logging other people they come into close contact with, provided they use the app too. This log can be used to prevent the spread of the virus through secondary carriers.

In an attempt to support local businesses, we have included a community tab, where local businesses can request for donations to keep their business running during these hard times.

How we built it

The whole app was built using :-

App : Android(Java)

Server : NodeJs

Database : MongoDB Atlas

Cloud Hosting Service : Google App Engine

API: Nearby

What we learnt

1) Hosting a NodeJS server in Google App Engine.

2) Using Google's Nearby API.

What's next for COVID-19 Companion App

1) A live stream video feature in which a host can broadcast a live video and tag it. Anyone looking for the same tag can view the stream and be a part of the live chat section.

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