Newsdaq - A news visualization tool that helps users learn about the history of the stock market and make predictions on future data. (Walkthrough Video)

Imgur Newsdaq is a news data acquisition (daq) tool to help users visualize the impact of current events on the markets, as well as correlate article polarity with future events.

Our iOS stock market data visualization app uses a "worthy-news-filter" algorithm to mark the most important articles of a stock in the past year as an emoji point on a particular stocks price graph (emoji type represents connotation of the article, derived from Aylien's Natural Language Processing algorithm). We aimed to pull only articles defining major events and facts rather than speculative articles. We made use of multiple Aylien statistics, including links-in-count, popularity, country origination, and use of filtering techniques to filter out articles with any speculative phrases, or sources which tend to be speculative. From here we can examine possible events that may have led to a fundamental price change, all while looking at a single graph in Newsdaq, rather than having to separately search google to find out the reason for a price change (I.e. Apple drops on iPhone 8 announcement).


  • Impact $AAPL's iPhone 8 announcement has on the stock market
  • Impact FBI Investigations have on both the media perception and stock of $FB
  • Impact of hacks on companies and the stock
  • New visualization of graph technology for finance
  • Analyzing the impact of specific current events and their impact on the market
  • Visualization of some arbitrary article analysis
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