This project was pretty heavily inspired by games in the Jackbox series, as well as some past projects we've worked on. We decided we want to try for a retro-theme game, and ended up theming it around hacking.

What it does

In Hack It On, all players are grouped on a team and tasked with completing specific tasks such as debugging a program, entering in passwords, and reading out said passwords for people to achieve the ultimate goal of earning enough points to hack into the mainframe. What's the mainframe? We're not quite sure yet.

How we built it

Hack It On was originally served through Django, with the majority of it is written in NodeJS. Communication between the client and the server is handled through Socket.IO. Issues with deploying the Django server forced us to switch to NodeJS for serving last minute.

Challenges we ran into

The biggest challenges we ran into were not logical ones, but just the time constraint and random JavaScript irregularities. Eventually, though, we made the most of our time and solved all the random errors. Also, had trouble with our user account. We did purchase the domain

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