Personally, I love Hackathons. I love tackling a challenge faced by my community and solving. Unfortunately, I only know few places that keep updates information on upcoming hackathons and not all of them are as inclusive as I'd like them to be.

What it does

Finds Hackathons in your area, that are inclusive to everyone (but a feature for certain groups will be added), and gives resources to help you begin thinking of ideas and learning basic CS concepts without much jumping around to page to page.

How I built it

Using HTML, CSS. Was Planning to include PHP and JavaScript but I was finding out of time to get it all functional.

Challenges I ran into

I had trouble trying to figure out APIs for the map feature, but I'm hoping to tackle that task soon. For now, a static image will take it's place and a list will appear of the locations instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Finding a problem and learning how to solve it - Hackathons should be easy to find for everyone no matter who they are.

What I learned

I learned that nothing is made over night and if I want this to be made a reality, I would need help from others and take my time to perfect the page.

What's next for Hack Inclusive

What's next is a mobile app for easy searching and more mini games

Built With

  • api
  • languages
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