Yelp, hooked, groupon... these amazing platforms that are very popular these days are all not friendly enough for small businesses. We wanted to give them a chances to become visible and grow their business.

What it does

Covalent for Business assumes a working consumer service (yelp/hooked for small business?), thus provide a dashboard for business owners to manager their information and get feedback on their performance. But more importantly, Covalent for Business encourages small business owners to explore around the area for other small business owners, and provides a platform for them to bond and succeed together.

What You See

Unfortunately, due to personal emergencies, our team went through a last minute member change, and we are still trying to work on establishing connections between our front and backend. However, through the power of prototyping, we still want to present to you our platform.

What We Leaned

Project management when emergency happens, and to do our best regardless.

What's next

Stated above, Covalent for Business assumes Covalent for consumers, an app targeted for audiences that appreciates local businesses and wish to help them grow. All knowledges C4B inherits from C4C, and C4C itself should be implemented.

Where Are My Teammates

They dropped/passed out ¯\(ツ)


Just try the prototype @ link

Built With (but failed)

  • google maps API
  • yelp API/dataset
  • not sure which data analytics tool yet
  • namecheap domain that is not set up
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