tired of visiting the facebook/twitter/slack/website for information at hackathons.

What it does

makes life easy for both organizers and participants at hackathons.

it's a central hub where organizers can post information about their upcoming hackathon and participants can access this information without having to create any accounts.

participants can also receive desktop push notifications when an organizer posts a new announcement - for example, when food has arrived.

How we built it

backend is a Spring RESTful API hosted on AWS EC2.

frontend is html/js - using material design (mdl)

Challenges we ran into

working with Spring and building a RESTful API

working with mdl

Accomplishments that we're proud of

the RESTful API

the website design

What we learned

building a Spring RESTful API


What's next for hackHub

seeing this as a complete platform and being used by all hackathons around the globe.

also, getting acquired by MLH

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