We wanted to work on a VR project as a learning experience, as no one on our team had any experience with VR or with Unity or C# development. We decided to make a fun game that put a light spin on a serious issue.

What it does

Our game puts you in the role of an intergalactic cop spraying harassing aliens.

Challenges we ran into

Our utter unfamiliarity with Unity and C# led to a lot of learning - the first ~20 hours were spent just trying to figure out how things worked. We ran out of time to figure out how to get our creepy aliens to say creepy stuff - their audio is either too quiet or not playing at all.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a functioning VR app that lets you zap creepy aliens. Working with Unity, Oculus, and C#

What we learned

We learned about proper scope management for a 36 hour hackathon project; namely, what might be too much to bite off.

What's next for Hack Harassment: In Space!

We'd like to implement a stronger anti-harassment message. As it stands, our program has a few mentions of harassment but we don't really show why it's an issue or portray the aliens as especially harassing.

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