Developed at Hack for Humanity 2019 at Santa Clara University

Team Members

  • Shreya De, Back end Developer
  • Angeline Chen, Back end Developer
  • Vrinda Shorewala, Front end Developer
  • Joy Zou, UX Designer

Technologies Used

  • Back end: Node.JS, Amazon Web Services Rekognition, Express.JS, Handlebars.JS, JSON
  • Front end: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, Boot Strap


It is very important to effectively sort trash to make sure that non-recyclable items don't go into recycling as it can be wasteful and harmful and damage recyclable items. In addition, sorting waste can reduce our carbon footprint on the earth. Furthermore, landfill can be an environmental hazard and it can result in high production of methane gas and damaging water quality. We've seen among ourselves and our peers that more often than not, we don't know which trash can to put our waste in. We wanted to create a web application that allows people to know where to sort their trash and educate them about the different sorting of trash.

What it does

You can upload a picture and you can choose the category of waste it goes in and if it's correct, it tells you if you're correct. If not, it tells you that you're incorrect and you have to choose the right category till you get it right. We use image recognition technology through AWS rekognition to gather information about the picture. We then use that information to categorize the waste into the right trash can.

What's next for Trash That

Future goal is to create a point based system for people to gather points if they sort the trash correctly. This would create a fun and interactive way to educate people on trash sorting and improve the environment! We also want to do image recognition from photos taken from web cam camera.

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