During the hard times of COVID-19, multiple students and teachers alike found the extreme transitions between the education system to be disorienting. We wanted to make a quick program that was easy to use and told you the most important statistics whether you were a teacher trying to grade a class of students or if you were a student trying to keep track of their academic progress.

What it does

This is a basic grading system that can record multiple of your marks or multiple seperate student marks. After determining all of the designated marks, the system will tell you the class average or your mark average, it will also tell you how many students or how many of your assignments were above the average and it will tell you your highest mark or which student in the class got the highest mark

How we built it

We used the idea of being able to record and store integers in a list and then iterate through that list to pull out useful information that could be used in calcualting certain statistics like wha the average mark was.

Challenges we ran into

We were having some problems iterating through the list and storing the number of students that scored above average.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to troubleshoot our earlier problem. It took a long time before we found a reliable method to store the data and having that fixed was a sizeable accomplishment that we are decentely proud of.

What we learned

We learned a new method of storing data and just how versatile lists can be if used correctly.

What's next for Hack for Education

We plan to look back on this program and we might try to make it more advanced so that it has a broader and more multipurpose functionality.

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