Nowadays the developers prefer to learn following samples en interactive tutorials which allow them to receive immediate feedback, build while learning, we had been looking at tutorials about hack language applied in real scenarios o common situations as build simple websites. But we only found descriptive documentation, although it's very useful we think we could write a tiny tutorial about how to build a tiny microframework in order to set up your first folder structure, dependencies, and a walkthrough explanation about how to prepare a website.

What it does

We explain how to set up a folder structure for a simple website, how to manage routes and HTTP params, and how to serve static files and websites using XHP.

How I built it

Following the main documentation in the hack and hhvm docs site, looking for extra information in github projects as hack-route, hvvm autoload, codegen.

Challenges I ran into

  • Understanding the hack origins from facebook annual hackathons and how hhvm was born
  • Obtain practical documentation, because it's scarce yet.
  • Deal with some incompatibilities with dependencies and pre-installed versions

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • From this time I would like to explore more things about Hack and HHVM perhaps prepare more tutoriales to encourage people to adopt Hack.

What I learned

  • What are the typecheckers in hack
  • How hhvm works and how we can use to develop websites

What's next for Hack-er

  • Encourage more developers to contrib to this project
  • Develop more documentation about hack trough more tutorials
  • Adopt hack as another suitable option for personal and enterprise projects
  • Build a CLI tool to use generators

Built With

  • hack
  • hhvm
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