We went to Lleida to take part of the Hack EPS first edition. Among all the challenges that we were proposed to take, we chose the one form Extrategics, a company from Lleida (Catalonia). We had never worked with smartwatches, and we were newbies with Firebase in JavaScript. But as we were there to learn and take new challenges, we decided to go ahead with that challenge.

The Challenge

The challenge was to create an interface for Nurses and Doctos to communicate and manage the patients who are on the waiting room. It had to be private, fast, easy-to-use and easly adaptable to any hospital. We were told that it was a real-life project that they were taking part, and the winning idea would be introduced in the real project.

So, what is HealthCare?

We came up with HealthCare, a real-time app for any device (Smartwatch, Android Devices, iOS, Windows...) with a very user-friendly interface and a really adaptable database for any hospital (based on Google Firebase).

So we have two different interfaces, one for the doctors, and another for the nurses. The doctor's interface, prepared to be displayed on a big display such as a desktop computer or a tablet shows a list of the patients that the particular doctor in the session has to attend on his day; there he has all the information he needs to know about the patient (Name, gender, age, diseases...) and the time scheduled to enter the consultation as well as his whole schedule. The doctor can call a nurse if he needs any one from the app; immediatelly the nurse will get a notification in the smartwatch that she will be wearing, with a vibration code to know what she has to do, the room where the doctor is waiting for her and more information (whe implemented vibration and color codes which are very easy to undersand and intuitive), as soon as the nurse accepts the call from the doctor, the doctor gets notified that that nurse is coming, and he can decline the call he made at any moment.

On the other hand we have the nurse's interface which is implemented for smartwatch, which they should be wearing while they are working to get all notifications such as a patient that needs assistance to go to the doctor's room so they have to assist him/her, a doctor who needs assistance on the consulting room (the call will notificate all the nurses from de department and as soon as one accepts the task will be asigned to him/her and eliminate the notification form all the others). It is designed in a way that, only with the vibration the nurse will know the type of notification is being shown on the smartwatch so they don't need to look at the watch if they are not able to do it in that moment. The color code tells the nurse information such as the type of attention that the patient needs (wheelchair, walking assistance....), the gender, etc...


With HealthCare we were the winners of the challenge, all along with another team (there was a draw).

You can see the doctor's interface (in catalan) in the image gallery. I haven't been able to take the smartwatche's interface screenshot to post it here.

You can see the Github repository for the WebApp (Doctor's interface) and the Andoid App (Nurse's interface).

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