Problem _ Searching word on dictionary app is quite inconvenient _ When you watch youtube with on your smartphone in order to learn English or just for fun and there's some word that you don't know, Most of the cases just pass it because it's inconvenient to the search word with an opening dictionary app or website.

_ No more copy/paste word _ For English learner, what you need is only a dictionary to get words in a quick way. Copy/paste it one by one on the other search bar is useless.

_ Youtube isn't good enough for English learning yet _ Youtube is an amazing free textbook for English learning. Even though many people try to learn English on youtube, It hasn't been fully used. What reality are some of the people even don't know how to turn on subtitles of youtube clips!

Solution _ Youtube+Dictioanry=New English education app _ What if there's some app that provides subtitles and dictionary at the same time? And sending notification of the words you have searched to know? For sure, It will be the best English learning app for Youtube users.

What it does

Definition By Rapid APIs, it provides a service that Incredibly easily dictionary search by double tapping a word in subtitles, that doesn't need to do copy/paste in order to search English words on other dictionary sites anymore. And users are able to memorize and review for English words by notifications.

APIs For customizing dictionary

For pronunciation feature inside of the customized dictionary

To target, specific user groups fast and efficiently

How we built it

It was built by 3 members, Product manager, iOS developer, PHP developer. Service design by Product manager -> Front-engineer design technical part -> Back-end developer builds environment. We already have a good workflow to build it.

Challenges we ran into

The project had to have a unique value for users but there were only 2 days to build it. Every condition was extremely limited we've never seen that before.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not only the idea for the project and business model but also we have made the main feature of the prototype with UI design. We did whole those stuff that usually takes 1~2 months at least in 2 days in the end. Of course, we planned a building prototype in 2 days but It was the only theory we've never done that before.

What we learned

We thought the condition that you should use less than 3 Rapid APIs is a meaningless restriction at the beginning but it actually was a great opportunity. The more we try to use Rapid APIs, The more we opened our eyes to service and development both of those parts at the same time.

What's next for hack English with Youtube

If the circumstances allow us to keep continue this project, we are willing to challenge launch this service! We have already found tones of improvement in order to make it for real service to help people who want to learn English using Youtube. We truly hope to go to the next step in order to help many Intermediate levels of English learner to learn English in a more easy and efficient way of using Youtube without giving up.

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