My inspiration for the ideas I came up with was mostly thinking about accessibility and how developers and different levels of hackathon participants work. I thought about how users can make the most out of a hackathons resources as well as the Devpost platform and also about what areas can be improved and why it would be worth it to work on those areas and implement new or updated features.

What it does

This is a slide deck and video pitch that highlights some ideas and new features that I think can be beneficial for Devpost and future hackathons!

How we built it

I created slides and a pitch video.

Challenges we ran into

I didnt have time to record the video with me talking over the slides.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Creating a final deck and submitting in a short period of time.

What we learned

Working under pressure and quick thinking.

What's next for Hack Devpost Ideas & Resources

I would hope to be able to do more to help the developer, Devpost and hackathon communities!

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